Sunday, March 3, 2013

Unlike my little Toy world!!

We have always heard that toys, cartoon characters, puppets are all the closest friends of kids. When I saw my little girl (3 year old) daughter paranoid of her favorite cartoon character Mickey Mouse in the mall, I failed to understand what would have been the cause of it. So, trying to think from a 3 yr old girl's perspective...

"A little block toppled down my head from the toy rack. The Winnie the Pooh lying on top of my Dolly was smiling at me. Slowly and steadily the colourful, jumpy and noisy creatures hovering around me from so long had started making sense.

Mommy told me that I have a little friend Dolly. Initially I did not like her because she used to imitate me and make fun of me and cry all the time. But now she is my best buddy, we eat together, we sleep together, we talk about Eyeore who keeps on crying and we also tell each other about fashion these days. Overall, as Mumma said, she has become my best friend.

Another favorite friend of mine is the Micky Mouse. He comes to my house everyday along with his friends in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And he is also friends with my Dad. He comes to his office and tells him whether he is going to come tonight to our house or not. I get really sad when he doesn't come to meet me. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald duck all are my buddies, they are even of my age. Mummy tells me they live in Disney Land which is in America. We plan to go there when I am a little more big.

You know once what happened? Mickey mouse look alike visited a mall nearby. He was SOO BIG, almost the size of my DAD. Mom dad told me we are going to meet Mickey Mouse, but when I went there, it wasnt the real Mickey Mouse u see.

Mickey is of my age, so how can he be soo big. I was soo scared to see him. He tried to hug me and play with me. But I told him, you are not my friend. You cannot be Mickey, he is little (small in height) and he comes everyday at my house so I know it is not you. And if you are really Mickey where is Minnie, Daisy, Donald and Pluto?

I even told my Mumma, he is not REAL REAL Mickey, tell him to go away!! He is some monster!! My little world of friends has no place for such BIG MONSTERS! Actually he looks like that big Uncle who take away kids. How can he be my friend Mickey who is so subtle and lovely?

My little friends, dont go to the mall again! That big monster who calls himself as Mickey is not really our friend Mickey mouse!!""

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