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Virtual Culinary delight for foodies in Bangalore!!!

Few days back I read a very interesting article on Food blogging 
in Times Life. Before reading this article I never took food blogging seriously. Who the hell is interested in knowing what you ate, where did you go, how does the food look like? Who will search for your reviews and follow your recommendations? Realization struck!!Don't I do that all the time?

Yes, I am following food blogs from almost a decade. I admit that the industry then was very premature and I 
didn't have any favourites that time. But today, I do not enter a restaurant unless I have read rave reviews about it. After all Bangalore is booming with restaurants all over. Right from street food to exotic international cuisine, we have everything. If not food, we have the novelty factor, the ambiance, the service, the little extra edge in hospitality to talk about.

Today food has become the centrifugal of entertainment industry. If there is nothing else to do on a weekend, we know at least one form of entertainment is always there,,,i.e Dining out!! It has the same affect on your stress level as a one hour massage does. It completely takes you off your routine boring life, to a new high. 

I am a complete foodie, I like to dine out and I like to cook new dishes, I like to read 
about cooking, I love all the cookery shows right from MasterChef Australia to Vicky goes veg! I am into food and that is quite visible when you see me :) So the crux is, though I have started late, I can be a potential star (blinking eyes) food blogger one day! To be more precise, a Vegetarian food blogger who can eat different cuisines and exactly tell you whether its worth a try or not!! 

As soon as I see the menu, I try to scan the wackiest named, the most innovative, the most weirdest of combination which will challenge my taste buds and which will change my insight about the combination of those ingredients. And while I order such a risky dish, I also order one regular, safe dish for my tummy which needs some food even if its the basic malai kofta or enchildas or green/red thai curry with rice. I am also fond of ordering mocktails just to admire the creativity of the bartender of making you high without alcohol in it. Ofcourse as you have got it right, I am not fond of the bitter taste of alcohol and hence this facade of mocktails to pamper my heart.

So what exactly I have to offer you? I would start with some all time favorites of mine. If you are new to Bangalore or have recently started dining out, you can follow the below list of must visits in this city. Since I am a vegetarian, I would be inclined towards recommending vegetarian dishes which I have a first hand experience on! So gear up yourself for this extravagant journey of culinary with me!!! VVVrrrrroooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm............

I would like to start with the latest favorite restaurant in the city for North Indian food.

Punjabi By Nature (Near Manchester United, Kormangala)

One of the most appealing restraunts I have been in recent times. Good food, great ambiance and lovely seating arrangements.Read further to know why I say so.When I entered the door of this new restaurant in Kormangala, the first thing you see on the entrance are three pillars converted into a waterfall and from the middle of it there is fire raging high. In Hindi we call it " Pani mein aag laga di " :). 

The whole seating area is smartly designed to give you a feeling of vastness and privacy. They have used different 
heights to stage the sofas which automatically gives you that feeling of your own private dining area.The dining areas are demarcated with ceiling high glass doors which are opened and closed as per the crowd. They have beautifully done the landscapes with water bodies and plants, again plants used for decor are high length palm trees which gives you a feeling of grandeur. The place is well lit and at the same time not too flashy. Basic colors, beige upholstery and alot of natural elements make it very soothing and calm place for a perfect dinner. 

Another striking element in the restraunts are those huge copper vessels which they use for brewing the beer. They boast of freshly brewed beer which makes this place exciting for beer lovers. But for me, those copper vessels added to the vanity and also the basic colours made it more interesting. 

Thinking of interesting elements in the restraunt I remember they had these cooler fans kept here and there. Cooler fans as the name suggests are big big black fans which throw water droplets along with cooling the air. They are strangely very effective and best suited for open spaces like this one. So overall a very smartly decorated place which has addressed all the small small issues which can put the customer off.

Now about the food! Being a pakka North indian joint, there was alot of aloo, alot of paneer and for Non-veggies,,alot of chicken in it! But there were two distinct dishes which I wanted to try. Flambe GulabJamun and Dahi Kebab. For those who are fond of alcohol, you have another very interesting stuff Gol Guppa Shots. 

Dahi ke Kebab are the best i have ever had in Bangalore. A MUST TRY!! They just melt in your mouth and to my surprise they were not deep fried. The kebabs were very mild in spices. The natural taste of green chilli and coriander gives that required punch and they leave you with the smooth taste of curd . The other starters like Aloo bharwan and paneer are also good. 

In main course, be careful about ordering breads.They have a very handsome amount of peices of bread in one order, so one bread should suffice two people. And after couple of platters of starters, we were almost full. So we ordered basic Kofta, paneer and kulchas. The taste of all the veggies were distinct and nice. 
Another must haves is Malai Lassi. Heavy as the usual punjabi lassi and the layer of malai adds that perfect  spunk to it. Pistachos, almonds and nuts add to the crunchiness in the drink.

After soo much of food, I was not able to have the Flambe jamun,but i m sure they must also be good. 

So to wind it up, Dahi Kebabs and lassi are a must try! Live brewed beer and Gol Guppa shots for the alcohol lovers. And the very own Flambe Jamun for those with sweet tooth. Enjoy the culinary delight and dont forget to write your feedback!!

Name of the restaurant : Punjabi By Nature

Location : Kormangala
Cuisine: North Indian 

Score Card:

Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Experience in total : 4/5

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