Sunday, August 16, 2009

Swine Flu- Blessing in disguise!

You might be giving all strange looks at the title I have selected for my blog today. Yes, I mean every word I have written. Sometimes such small shocks are required to bring you and your loved ones close and the fear of death/partition from your loved one makes you realise your life is worth if you have spent some quality time with your friends and loved ones and not if you have spent it in office being a workoholic all your life!

A small incidence on Friday shook me from top to bottom and I realised how life gives you second third fourth and many more chances to realize the meaning of life.You just need to take the cue and remember it.

Last week I had heard that one of my friends kids in the society suffered from Swine flu and they are admitted in the hospital.Even my friend and her husband were admitted as a precaution. I by my nature was a little worried for her and wanted to talk to her badly. But generally in this situation its better that we dont show our sympathy when we cannot do much about it. And especially I am not so close to her, so if I called it would have been taken otherwise. So I kept mum. With all the horror stories potrayed by media I was keeping my fingers crossed and praying for her silently. I knew that Swine flu is curable if its mild and as per the news it was very mild for her and her kids but still you cant stop thinking of it.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I got a call from her on Friday morning. Since I was in office I saw the missed call and called her back with a little ackwardness. She has called me for some other work. Then while speaking to her I generally asked her how are you now! She confirmed that they are all fine and they have returned home. They are still on Tamiflu tablets which will continue till Monday and after that she will take her kids out and they will go to school as well. I thanked God for that and was generally asking her how her kids caught it. She informed me that it started from an ear infection and as a safety measure doctor suggested a blood test. And all of a sudden the blood test were positive and her son got swine flu from school.And then what she said after that made me dumb struck.

She told me that she had a good time in hospital, the whole family Husband wife and her two small 5-6 yrs son and daughter were all in one room for three whole days. The father got them whatever food they wanted. The father is in a profession where he stays out of the house for 20 days out of 30 days in a month. The kids usually dont get to spend so much quality time with him otherwise. When the father figured out that the kids are suffering from Swine flu he cancelled all his appointments and tours and was with them for whole two week. I am sure how he must have felt in that very moment when he hears that his kids have a fatal disease called Swine flu. He must have remembered all those wonderful moments he has missed with the family owing to his work.He must have regretted and cursed himself for this. We work for our family but no reason is worth neglecting the family and especially every kid has full right to demand time from his parents.When you grow old tomorrow you will not remember the nights spent in the office working hard to get the target but you will still remember the nights you were awake to take care of your kid and playing with the kid at 3 am in the night just because your kid is in mood to play that time. You will not remember the awards you got as a best employee or best manager but you will always remember your kids school award as Best Father/Mom.

My friend was not able to speak in the noise her kids were making while they were playing with their father that evening. I could hear them giggle and scream in joy as if world has changed for the better for them.My friend sounded soo happy in that grim situation that I was wondering if it is really a disease or some blessing in disguise for those little angels? So friends I request you all dont remember your family only when there is a terrorist attack or outbreak of fatal diseases like Swine flu and SARS. Your family deserves a better treatment than this.Dont forget to tell them that you LOVE them everyday.

God thank you for giving me a great family and luckily me and my husband have all the time on this earth for our little angel. Hope nothing on this earth changes this. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friday Fever

Hurray!! FFinally its Friday!! Its strange but for me the busiest days of the week are the Saturdays and Sundays but I still look forward for them eagerly. I guess this is true for all working women. Whatever said and done work life has both busy and idle times but for a working women house work always keeps you busy. The list is ready before the weekend even starts. This time Saturday is a public holiday owing to Independence Day so thankfully bank work and other government work is marked out of the list. But still the list is unending as ever.

But I have a huge motivation to look forward for the weekend. YES!! I get to spend two whole days with me sweetheart.Yet Khushi is not old enough to understand that but I can imagine how much Khushi will look forward for these two days when she grows up. Days when her parents are with her, she can have all the fun with them.

Reading my blog, you might question why do I work when I always have the option to quit? If I am soo eager to spend time with Khushi, what makes me work??Hmm,, What makes me come back to work? I had asked this question to myself thousands of time before I joined back. I wanted to be clear in my mind what I want before I start anything. I am a perfect Leo. I will never think after deciding, so decision making has to be done before I start. And once I decide nothing can shake me from my decision. So coming back to why I joined back?
Being independent gives me alot of self confidence.I simply appreciate the efforts of women who are at home and handle their homes soo well but personally I need my own space. When I was home for 4 months for my maternity leave I had a great time. I got alot of time for myself and I spent some quality time with Khushi. Not only that I socialized alot which is I guess something which keeps me kicking. But there is a difference between being occupied and being productively occupied. Coming to work makes me feel productively occupied.
That doesnt mean tomorrow if my daughter needs me I cannot be at home. But till she needs me I dont want to stop giving it a try. This dilemma of whether to work or not to work will always be there in Indian womans mind because we are soo rooted to our custom of Mummy's being at home that somewhere it becomes a scapegoat for us to give up without trying. I dont want to be a scapegoat in my life. Kaash,,,, bolna nahi hai mujhe life mein kabhi bhi. Tommrow if I am leaving work it should be because I am not able to manage not because Khushi forced me.

Enough of serious talks now. Lets have some fun on the blog. For all you readers I want a favour from you. I have organised a get together for my friends at my place for the next weekend. I want to arrange some fun games for them, please suggest me what fun games I can play. I have already got one game that is "BumbCharades" which I saw couple of weeks back in MTV connected. If you want to know what the game is message me. And help me with the other game plsssssssssssss................

Have a happy weekend and keep smiling :)

Rookie blogger

Finally I am a blogger too!! Although I am a tech/internet savvy girl from last 9-10 years but still I never blogged. Strange but its true. I used to love the concept of blogging and infact use to read alot of bloggs while searching for various things on google but never blogged myself. Finally today when one of my colleagues sent me his blog I got that motivation of blogging myself.

What a nice way to vent your feelings and to put words to your thoughts!! I feel that I have got an angel today in the form of this blogging site. :P To start with I am a simple yet complicated Indian girl with alot of dreams in life. Want to live life fully and dont compromise on that. Very lucky and a very loved and pampered being. And most important a new mommy. Have a very beautiful 4 months old daughter who has given meaning to my life. My world starts and ends with her now. She is khushi!! Yeh she is my khushi and her name is also Khushi!

Talking about her I am already sleepy. My little bratt started getting up three times in the night from last two three days. And she is a stubborn soul like her mom and is becoming demanding everyday.

This is my second week in office after my maternity leave and today I have got some work to keep myself busy and today only I need to sleep...............God save me please!! This blogging came as a saviour for me today to keep me awake and less bored than other days. :) Till I blog again, have a great day!!