Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Incredible Bharat!! (6th March 2013)

We all know how much Indian men, or rather all men love their cars. If you call them telling about the minor accident you had, their first question would always be "Car ko kuch hua to nahi na?". In short, men are from Mars and on Mars the cars are their life partners, so obviously the affection!
When we talk of men and their cars, we always imagine either an exotic bike or any car.

But in India, we have another genre of men too. We have our very own auto drivers for whom their DHANOO(autos) is the love of their life. Right from fancy seat covers to bose speakers, from decorative flower pots to pictures of their idols, everything is magically organized in that small space. Those autos can compete any disco floor lights when it comes to the fancy lights they have. Some auto drivers even go to the extent of keeping their autos smelling wonderfully all the time.One should see the passion by which they are cleaning the front glass of their auto with their shirt sleves at times.

And how can I not comment about the Basanti's of our very own Bharat! The charming trucks of our ever enthusiastic Paaji's? The PARANDA's (used to decorate long hair of Punjabi girls) and the lovely one liners written on the rear lights? "Buri Nazar wale tera bhi bhala ho!" "Use Diaper at night!" (FYI,I havent done any spelling mistake!!)"Phir Milenge" "Bunty aur Pappu di gaadi!" "Dekho magar pyaar se"

Do we women have any such passions in our life? Food for thought!!

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