Friday, March 8, 2013

Avani's dose of the day!! (8th March 2013)

Avani's habits, mannerisms, interests all remind me of the typical Ekta Kapoor's soaps Mother in law. Everyday morning she makes sure I do my pooja before leaving the house. She is 14 months and even at this age she is very particular about keeping the things at their designated places. She will get restless if her hands are dirty and unless u wash it with flowing water she is not satisfied! Like u have to put bhog (prasad) infront of God before eating anything,  everbody in our house has to feed her one bite before having food.Ashish might fail to notice that small change in hairstyle or that extra peice of jewellery but Avani has to be updated with it.

Recently she did a very funny and unusual thing. While playing in our building lobby, one of my neighbours came and started interacting with her. Neighbour put forward her hand for a handshake and Avani gave her a broad smile and did a Jai Jai(Namaste) to her.

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