Monday, March 11, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (11th March 2013)

We had halted at Kadu Mane (a small but very popular place for breakfast on Bangalore- Mysore highway). They had this interesting play area for kids where there were three beautifully laid cages. Each cage hosted atleast 50 love birds. One cage had green species, another white and the last one green with red neck.  Khushi was amused looking at the birds and more so looking at their tiny houses made of terracotta pots which had holes. Then when we headed back to our car, she asked

Khushi : Mummy,What birds were they?
Mummy : They were love birds
Khushi : Love birds!!!
Mummy : Yes, they are called love birds in general. They have some scientific name also, I will search it and tell you later.
Khushi : Why are they called love birds?
Mummy : Mmmmmm....(Thinking of a brilliant answer to satisfy her curiosity...)
Khushi : Because everybody loves them, that's the reason they are called love birds?
Mummy : Yes, because everybody loves them, they are called love birds!!  
(Aanhh,, Mummy saved of the hurricane task of explaining her, how they stay in pairs and are together for a long time etc,, in short the wikipedia answer I had read sometime back!!)

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