Sunday, July 28, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (28th July 2013)

One fine day, while travelling in the car Khushi declared...
Khushi: Mummy, why dont you become a homemaker?
Mummy: HOMEMAKER?? What is your definition of a homemaker?? Do you know whats a homemaker?
Khushi: Yes, Homemaker is the one who stays at home all the time and never goes out of the house.
Mummy: Do we have any homemaker at home?
Kkhushi: Yes Avani is there, she stays at home all the time!
Mummy: if Mummy becomes a homemaker n stays at home, who will visit your school? Who will take u out for having fun? Who will shop for you? Who will go to park with you? Who will take u to extra.curricular classes? And most importantly, Who will take u to brithday parties? So do you want a homemaker who stays home or this Mummy??
Without a second thought she replied,,,
Khushi: This MUMMY!!

Today the definition of housewife or homemaker has changed soo much that we need a special category of full timing home employeed mothers now!! What say Supermoms??

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!!(28th July.2013)

Khushi and I were having a Man to Man....sorryy.....Girl to girl discussion on a Sunday morning in kids room. Along with talking to me ,she was busy playing with her toys near the balcony. Then I insisted her on singing with me on our favorite family song. She started with "Phoolon kaa Taaron ka"... with a loud voice. Then suddenly her voice suppressed...
Mummy: khushi sing louder ...I cant hear you!!
Khushi: I can't!
Mummy: Why? Why cant you?
Khushi: Mummy,there is one uncle standing down who is speaking over the phone. So if I sing louder he would get disturbed by my loud voice. Hence I am singing softly!!
(For those who dont know, we stay on the first floor of our building.)

I was impressed that my 4 yr old has so much civic sense of speaking softly when somebody else is on phone. Wish the people speaking loudly on phone, smoking, spitting, littering on public places get a little inspired by this little generation of our kids.Wish the awareness lessons these kids get in their schools were taught to our generation also. We would have been a better lot then!!

Khushi's dose of the day!! (28th July.2013)

I was putting Mehendi in my hair today morning. Khushi was making all kinds of faces and knotting her nose because of the smell. To convince her that its not that bad and very good for hair I told her that with Mehandi her hair will grow long and beautiful. She didnt find it very appealing and continued her nakharas.
After sometime unknowingly she touched mehandi with her finger and showed her finger to me.
Khushi: Mummy see...mehandi on my finger
Mummy: See its not that bad!!
Khushi: now my finger will grow long faster.
I scratched my head for sometime and then replied
Mummy: Khushi...mehandi will not make ur finger long. It will work only for your hair and not your finger

How do I explain her that Ace is an Ace and Spade is a Spade :p

Friday, July 19, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day! !( 20th july 2013)

Khushi had BUDDY DAY in school today. Parents were supposed to drop them and one of their buddy to school.So we started from home. The last 200 mts of her school's approach road is full of crater size potholes and the rain has made it worse. So as usual I started cribbing about the pathetic road and complaining about the pain it causes everytime I come here
Mummy: Oh God, what a pain. When will they repair this road. (Sob)(sob)
Khushi started laughing and jumping with each pot hole. Both the kids started enjoying the bumpy ride and were having fun as if it was a roller coaster bumpy ride.
I was surprised to see how well both the kids changed a grim situation into a fun situation. I just keep on preaching about positive thinking to my kids, but today they have actually taught me the meaning of positive thinking without any long lectures. Perspective of life!!!


The cuddle in the cozy laps of Mom is, All that matters!
The pride on your Dad's face is, All that matters!
The infinite love of your soulmate is, All that matters!
The hug of your child after a long tiring day is, All that matters!
The friendship which knows no bound is, All that matters!
The timely help to the neighbour is, All that matters!

The joy of giving is, All that matters!
The smile on those innocent faces is, All that matters!
The ray of hope on a hopeless situation is, All that matters!
The humanity shown for a stranger is, All that matters!
The unity at the hour of need is, All that matters!

The peaceful morning tea is, All that matters!
The fun in the park with kids is, All that matters!
The smell of rain drops on the thirsty soil is, All that matters!
The sunshine after the long rainy day is, All that matters!
The sight of a rainbow on a bad day is, All that matters!
The thrill of the waves collapsing against you is, All that matters!

The old favorite song played on radio is, All that matters!
The surprise on an unexpected hour is, All that matters!
The little prayer which is answered is, All that matters!
The joy of cooking for your beloved is, All that matters!
The sense of creating something new is, All that matters!
The small things in life which build memories is, All that matters!

The victory walk after thousand failures is, All that matters!
The sense of achievement fighting against all odds is, All that matters!
The appreciation from people who matter is, All that matters!
The high of LIVING your life is, All that matters!
The determination to follow your dreams is, All that matters!
The satisfaction of knowing you have ALL THAT MATTERS is,

This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters‘ contest at in association with INK Live 2013.

Winner of ALL THAT MATTERS contest

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! Dose # 2 (12th July 2013)

Ashish and me both watch only reality shows - Masterchef, Roadies, Jhalak, etc on television. For spending some time in the evening as a family, we let Khushi watch Masterchef and Jhalak with us.
Once we were watching Jhalak Dikhla Ja (Dance reality show with Celebrities) and they had Ranveer singh and Sonakshi Sinha as guests to promote their upcoming movie.
As usual Ranveer was doing all his monkey stunts and after every few minutes he went to stage to get the limelight. For sometime Khushi watched him silently. Then when after one dance performance, Sonakshi and Ranveer blabbered for almost 10 min, Khushi got fed up waiting for the next dance performance and complained.

Khushi : Mummy, This is a dance show right?
Mummy : What kind of question is this Khushi?
Khushi : Mummy, this is a dance show they should do only dance performances. Why are they doing all this? I want to see dances and not all this!!
Mummy : You are correct darling!! Its a dance show, they should stop this monkey acts and concentrate on dancing!! Come, lets forward the monkey acts!!

Combining bollywood with cricket, movie promotions with sitcoms, movie promotions with reality show, politicians and criminals with entertaiment (BIG BOSS) etc might be a novel effort of entertaining people. But for kids, everything in their natural form, unadultereted form is the best.
My 4 yr old also knows that you are suppose to dance in a dance show and not monkeying around!! Atleast now understand what audience want!!

Khushi's dose of the day!! (12th July 2013)

Khushi was pretty excited about going to Bombay and meet her Grandparents n little sister-Anisha. All these days, she sang "WE ARE GNG TO BOMBAY...BOMBAY!!"

Finally, we boarded the flight and the flight attendant announced,
"Welcome to ____. we will reach Mumbai in 1.5 hrs"

We didnt think Khushi was attentive towards the announcement till she exclaimed
Khushi : Mummy, this flight is going to Mumbai, we need to go to Bombay!!
Mummy : Khushi this flight is going to Bombay only, Mumbai is the new name for Bombay!
Khushi : New name? U mean pet name?
Mummy : No darling!! Earlier we used to call it Bombay, now they call it Mumbai!!
Khushi : Why have they changed the name? We never change names, right??
Mummy : Yes, we dont!! But for some cities the names have been changed, like Bangalore became Bengaluru, Madras became Chennai and as we just discussed, Bombay became Mumbai!!
Khushi : Ok!! (sadly!!) But Mumma I would never change my name!!

The philosopher in me thought, a 4 yr old understands that the name is the identity. By changing the name, nothing is going to change, but still our politicians for their political agendas change the identity of the city. Nothing is going to change, nor the spirit of the people, nor the memories, neither the economy or the fact the place will remain as multi-cultural as it was!! But still, we do not respect the identity of our cities and change them!! Politics has not left any area of our life  uncorrupted, pure and clean!! Sad but true!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (10th July 2013)

I noticed Khushi was starring at her hand again and again, and quitely noticed she is trying to pinch. When the area becomes red, she smooths the skin, then again pinches. Finally she asked...

Khushi: Mummy, whats below our skin?
Mummy: Blood, bones, muscles etc
Khushi: How can we have muscles below our skin?
Mummy: Why? Why cant we have muscles below our skin?
Khushi: If we have muscles there, how come our clothes doesnt tear here?
(she gestured at her biceps)
Mummy : (laughingly) On so you mean your biceps muscles will tear your top n come out if you have muscles there?
Khushi: Yes!! I have seen it on TV once, muscles tore the shirt of one guy.

Firstly, the knowledge we got at 12-13 yrs about muscles/food pipe/brain inside skull is already taught to them at 4. And on top of that my inquisitive darling wants to probe more deep into it!!

The things (Anatomy) you runaway the most from are the things which chase you the most!!
I think Khushi is going to send me back to school, back to biology, anatomy and what not!!
Circle of life it seems!!