Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! ( 6th March 2013)

Ashish was gazing his mobile and trying to figure out something.

Khushi (peeps into Papa's mobile) : Papa are you finding the route to Coorg using a map?
Papa (zapped)                            : Yes, but how did you guess that? I am using google map   indeed. Mumma have you introduced Khushi to Google Maps?
Mumma                                     : No, not yet!!
Khushi                                   : Papa, your map is similar to Dora's map and since we are going to Coorg I thought u must be looking for route to Coorg only.

Thanks to the cartoons, we dont need to teach our kids so many of these things. Its just part of their day to day life now :)

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