Sunday, March 24, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day! (25th MArch 2013)

Khushi is a total feminist. She doesnt really like to mingle and play with boys and in general boys are naughty and species from different planet for her. So Khushi came to me on Saturday morning and informed me

Khushi: Mummy, we will not call boys friends for my birthday
Mummy : Why? They are also your friends, so you have to call them. 
Khushi: No I don't want to call them
Mummy : But you should not differentiate between boys and girls, friends are friends!!
Khushi : Achaaaaaaa,,,ok lets do one thing
Mummy : What?
Khushi: Lets call only my girls friends this time, "waise bhi", we will have to call all my boy friends on my later birthdays!! Is this fine with you? 
Mummy (thinking in her mind) : Beta,, your Papa and Bade papa will definitely not be fine with your ideas :P

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