Thursday, March 21, 2013

Incredible Bharat!! (21st March 2013)

Most of the mothers these days, especially in India comes in OM category. OM stands for Obsessed Mothers. Right from our child's birth weight to their teething, most of us follow standard milestones and read alot of stuff on internet. We get worried about missing the milestones and sometimes pay panic visits to our pediatrics also.

But the most ancient OM characterstic is food.The first dialogue of our old hindi movie mothers narrated was "Beta tu kitna dubla ho gaya hai kuch khata nahi kya?", from what angle Shammi Kapoor looked malnourished to them?

Kid might be eating two bananas in the evening at 6 and we still try to feed him dinner at 7. And then, I hear people saying "Mera beta to kuch khata hi nahi hai","Eska diet to bahot kaam hai". Poor 10 kg boy, he has to blow up his stomach and fit the love of his mother (FOOD) in his little belly.

As mothers, we go out of the way to feed our tots/even 6 ft tots :P hot, tasty and home made food. Gerbers, Cerelac, First bite are still not the primary food for kids in India. On second thoughts, this is why its always "MA ke haath ka khana", "Ammi's biryani", "GrandMAs recepie" and never "Cook ke haath ka khana" or "Bawarchi's biryani" or "Chef's recepie" we miss.

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