Thursday, March 14, 2013

Funky Fusion dishes for the love of food!!

Today I am going to introduce you to a different genere of food. Food which might be an abuse to the traditional cooking style, but mouth watering for the palate. It is the kind of food we all love, but havent ever spoken about it or read about it. Infact strangely nobody writes about them.

I mean the Indian tadka in chinese and to go a step further, Indian tadka in Italian and Mexican food. You must have had many times that spicy paneer chilli manchurian with desi ingredients and yummy dumplings with Indian filling. But how many of you have tried spicy spegatti in white and red sauce with coriander seeds and cumin powder in it? Have you ever tried Chinese Bhel? Who has eaten tacos with yummy aloo paneer filling? Yes, this blog talks about those unusual and yummy cuisine which I called fusion cuisine which is not recognized but loved by all.

When I talk about Fusion cuisine, the best place to have such Chinese bhel and Indianized spegatti is Shiv Sagar on Commercial Street.

From last 7 years the quality of food and service which you get in Shiv Sagar is commendable. They havent changed a bit apart from the change in decor and a slight increase in their rates recently. But it is still a very humble place with fantastic food. Usually, south Indian joints like this one is known for its south Indian style dosa, chatni, wada, thali and maximum for the fruit salad (basically custard with cut fruits). But this place is different. You can order anything there and it will be tasty. But here are few must try's here.

Spegetti with red sauce/white sauce is amazingly beautiful both lookswise and taste wise. You can see the coriander seeds and green fresh coriander sprinkled. Not only that all the Indian masalas blend with this sophisticated dish soo well that even an Italian tasting this will be in awe of it. Ofcourse if he can take the spice in it. They have included all the fancy vegetables like Zuccini, red and yellow capsicum and borccoli to keep the authenticity and to make it attractive for the janta! The quantity served is also very handsome.

Another striking dish is Chinese bhel. Fried noodles with fabulous mix of gratted carrot, cucumber, onion, garlic and alot of soya sauce, vinegar and ketchup. You will not find anything like this in any of the Chinese restaurants across the world. For somebody who likes to stick to authentic taste, please dont enter this joint. Its for foodies who like experimenting and mixing everything available.

Another interesting dish which now we get at alot of places is sizzling brownie. Its only after coming to Bangalore and in this restaurant I had this lovely sweet dish. Its an unusual combination of walnut brownie, vanila icecream placed on a sizzling hot sizzler pan and then on your table they pour this fabulous hot choclate sauce and nuts. The sauce sizzles and the steam fills the whole room with the aroma of choclate. Nobody sitting on the next table can resist the temptation of ordering it. Its a must have if you havent eaten it before. (Another place for sizzling brownie is Lakeview on MG road but that later). The crunchy nuts and hot sizzling choclate sauce on the frozen icecream is divine. The brownie gets and choclate sauce gets a distinct burnt choclate flavour which you would die for!!

So to wind up, everything routine and basic in North Indian and south indian is great here. But the must try's are Spegatti in red sauce, Chinese bhel and the awesome Sizzling brownie. Great for the pocket and great for the taste buds, so when you go shopping next time to Commercials, give it a try!!

Name of the restaurant : Shiv Sagar
Location : Commercial street
Cuisine: TBD (To be decided by the readers)
Per person damage : 250-300 Rs

Score Card:
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 2/5
Food: 4/5
Experience in total : 3/5

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