Thursday, February 28, 2013

Khushi's Dose of the day (28th Feb 2013)

Khushi's dose of the day!!!

Like any other house, our house is also filled with conversation revolving around health n fitness these days. My 3.5 yr old daughter picked up the vibes n has become very weight conscious suddenly! I m not one of those mothers who find their obese children cute, so don't discourage her of being self conscious!! One fine day...

Khushi: Mumma mujhe patla hona hai! I want to become thin
Mumma: Then run more in the park
Khushi : But I run everyday in the park
Mumma:Then don't sleep immediately after having food
Khushi: ohh!! Ok I will not sleep after having food (After thinking for a second) .....Mumma Santa is Motu becoz he sleeps after having food in the afternoon? Is it Mumma?

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