Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (13th March 2013)

Khushi was changing clothes of her barbie doll and after a while she kept the doll in the balcony in sunlight.

Mummy : What are you doing?
Khushi : Giving her sun burn
Mummy : SUNBURN!! Why? Do you know what is sun burn?
Khushi : Yeh, it happens when you are in sun for long time
Mummy: (Impressed and confused!!) Why would you want your doll to get sun burns? Isint she very dear to you?
Khushi : Yes, she is!! I am giving her sun burn similar to what you gave Avani when she was small. Aap bhi to Avani ko sun burns dete thee naa
Mummy : (Again confused) Ohhh,,You mean SUN BATH!!!

And I used to give Avani sun bath, 10 months back. Khushi is learning about season and summer and sunscreens these days in school, so her super associative mind associated me giving sun bath with long exposures to sun and indirectly to sun burns!! Human Mind is amazing!!

Thankfully, she did not mention about me giving sun burns to Avani when she was small, else Child Rights people would have arrested me immediately!

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