Monday, March 4, 2013

Kids Room Wall Painting - Dora and Boots

This is my first attempt of Wall Painting for the kids room.
Steps to do similar wall painting
1. Choose your kids favorite cartoon character/ backdrop and find a nice picture of it
2. Select a big enough wall which is not hidden by furniture, curtains or book shelves in the kids room
3. Make sure the wall is well painted, a wall with stains would not be the best choice for your hardwork!
3. Draw grids (lines) of a square feet long and try to scale the picture in the grid using a light pencil (as it can be rubbed)
4. Draw a draft sketch on the wall while keeping in mind the scale of the image. Grids will help you keep up the scale
5. Also sketch the details like eyes, ears, jwellery, cap as it is in the picture
6. After the sketching is done, check the whole picture once again and whatever modifications needs to be done, do it before starting the painting
7. Use normal oil paint colors which students use for the school work (not the water colors or the fabric colors, they dont give the same getup). You will need the required oil paint tubes, brushes of different sizes, turpentine/lenseed oil
8. Start covering the major areas, like body, hair, skin initially. It takes 2-3 days for the oil paint to dry, so do all the base colors at one go. If you want to do some shading (not a must but if you feel more artistic you can do that) do it now, once the color dries up, you wont be able to mix it. When you paint, you need to take enough colors and be uniform with the direction of strokes. Oil paint colors are a little more difficult to work with, so avoid reworks as much as possible.
9. After two days, you can start detailing the picture. Eyes, ornaments, cap, folds etc needs to be done very carefully with alot of patience. You would be able to see faintly the pencil sketch you have done, it will help you to be neat and proportionate with the job.
You can draw grass, flowers, birds, sun with a free hand to cover the complete wall. If you cover the complete wall, it would look as part of your room else it will be disconnected with the room, so background is another important thing in any wall painting.
10. Once the picture is complete, dont forget to outline with the black color or the same color.(I prefer black color though) Outlining is very imporatant to give it a proper finishing touch.
11. Let it dry for 3-4 days and the wall is ready for having fun with your kids.


  1. Simply awesome, Ma'am you have lot of talent :)

  2. Wow! so much talent and patience needed no?

    1. Thank u Naba. Patience, yes definitely. Talent, I am inherited with an artistic hand, but I m not even 10 % of what my MOM can create. So I have a high benchmark to be really called TALENTED

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