Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Can Working Women Manage Their Families Better Than Homemakers?

Tough question with controversial answer!! YES! 

Few reasons why I say that:
1. They get paid for their work, so the job satisfaction and financial independence makes them happy
2. They have 7-8 hrs of ME time to clear the clutter and also their emotional baggages
3. Job involves alot of travelling and interacting with varied people, it teaches you more than any book can ever teach you
4. Organizing the day/week/year/vaccation is not the to-do list but the must-do list, so you are well prepared
5. Emotional dependence on spouse reduces, so you give more space to each other 
6. The daily 4-5 hrs you get with family are quality time, and kids look forward for it
7. Weekends are better utilised and since the chores get divided between the partners, the family bonding increases and nobody takes each other foregranted
8. Nowadays many offices have recreational facilitied, they organize workshops, they have cultural events, family gatherings which again adds to the personality of working women
9. The extra help like maid, cooks, drivers and servants have a stipulated time, so things are more or less on time and hence managed well
10. The extra income you get in the house will give you a free hand to manage longer vacations, splurging for that luxury item you craved for from your budget.
11. Work graph in any industry is sinusoidal, you have highs and lows. So during high tides, you need to put in all your time and energy, but during the low tides you can leverage that time to pursue your hobbies, do the fun and learning activities with the kids, socialize, read a book etc. But at home you always have high tides, pardon me if I am wrong!
12. Kids of the families with working mothers learn to be independent faster and if you reassure them of your affection, they start taking responsibility of household chores also13. Last but not the least, your negotiation skills are honed everyday and those help you at home with your kids, staff and even spouse :)

There are few Conditions Apply to the above facts of working women:
1. You have a reliable support system at home to take care of your kids and day to day needs
2. You have a flexible culture in office where your smart work is appreciated more than the number of hours you spend in the office
3. You are not very tough on yourself and dont opt for perfection in everything
4. You are not very ambitious, yes I know what I am saying. If you are too ambitious, long hours and onsites are part of your work life, then you cannot manage home equally well, so being a little less ambitious or atleast putting your career to a back seat for initial few years is the key to have a successful long inning. Eventually things will fall into place and you will get your due, so dont worry!!
Management and multitasking comes naturally to women and when you are continuously challenging yourself and honing your skills, you definitely become better at all your jobs.
Disclaimer: This blog is an entry to Women's Day special contest in one of the blog sites, I am sure all my wonderful homemaker friends are equally managing things well this is entirely my perspective and I dont mean to put down anybody in any ways!!

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