Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Khushi's 2nd dose of the day!! (6th March 2013)

We went to a Chinese restaurant and as usual Khushi requested for chopsticks. She loves collecting chopsticks from everywhere she dines.After getting the chopesticks, she was super thrilled and showed it to me
Khushi : Mumma drum sticks!!
Mumma : They are chop sticks and not drum sticks.
Khushi : No mumma these are my drum sticks
Mumma : They are chopsticks,drumstick is a vegetable we eat, this is not that
Khushi : Mumma, these are sticks you use for beating the drums!! So these are drum sticks!! Samajhe?

I was speechless!! I was close minded and for me a chopstick was a chopstick. But I never thought out of the box as Khushi did. She reminded me that a chopstick becomes a chopstick because we are using it as a chopstick, but if we use it for beating drums, it can be a drum stick too :). Children are focused on their perspective of things!

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