Saturday, June 4, 2016

Avani's dose of the day!! Negative psychology

Avani has thousands of stories to tell me all the time once I return from work. One such evening, I returned late from work and she refused to stop her stories. I was trying to patiently listen to her.
Avani: Mom, please take us to the swimming pool now
Mummy: No Avani, its too late. Water will be cold. We cannot go now
Avani: If you don't take us, I will stop talking to you (my usual dialog as no other punishment works with her)
Mummy: (unconsciously a small grin on my face stating how happy I would be if you stop talking for now!) No Avani, not now!!
(She sensed that she has spoken the wrong words and its not helping me change my decision)
Avani: Ok!! If you don't take us, I will NOT STOP TALKING !!
Mummy: Acha.. Acha,, chupkar I will take you!!
Who says only adults understand negative phsycology ? 

Avani's dose of the day!! Philosophy of life!

Badi Ma gave her two pieces of cake. One Mango cheese cake another Mango vanilla sponge cake.
Avani: I will have the sponge cake, you have the cheese cake 
Badi Ma: No, you have both. I don't want it
Avani: Why you don't like it ?
Badi Ma: I love it but I will put on weight. So you eat both!
Avani: No you wont put on weight. We never put on weight eating things which we like. So you can eat things which you like as much as you want

Wish this philosophy was true!!