Tuesday, March 5, 2013

That first flutter of Adolescence!!

The recent Dove hair fall therapy commercial brought all the good ole memories back into action for me. Those who know me from my college times might know me even as that "Long beautiful hair girl". It wasn't my choice to chop my lovely long hair short and adapt the contemporary look I have now. It came as part of lifestyle changes and also a side effect of ever changing shampoos. 

As a small girl, I used to be always attracted towards those long strands they showed in the shampoo commercials. I had beautiful hair, but nothing close to what they showed in the commercials and I was quite convinced that it was some photo trick which made them so shinny, thick and lovely. And with my out of the world Mumma, literally out of the world as she never thought using shampoo/conditioner for hair was a good idea. She insisted on using natural Mehendi, Rita, Hibiscus etc for washing hair and keeping the hair oiled almost everytime.So till I was exposed to the world of fashion, the world outside my house where looking good was very important, I followed my mother diligently. 

There was nothing different in that morning. As usual, I shampooed my hair and braided them neatly in one long plait and went to school. I must have been in std 9 that time. Age where you are just getting over your childhood and stepping into a beautiful world of adolescence. You are still a teenager, but that flutter of youth passes by every now and then. For guys, these are the days when their voice cracks and they start seeing slight moustache on their face. Age where you discover your personality. Age of attractions, age of revolt, age of miracles, age of that pehla nasha of your life!!

So coming back to that day. We had finished half day of our school and it was our English class. Our teacher in her process of improving our communication skills had given a topic "Compliment your bench partner". So all the classmates told various funny, nice, boring and some offensive things about each other. Then it was my bench partners turn, he told "Aditi is very beautiful, she has lovely smile, lovely long hair!". I never thought that compliment from my class buddy would change my entire perspective towards myself. I never thought I was beautiful till then. I never thought I had lovely long hair. I was just an average rather below average girl till that point of time. 

Suddenly, after the school, I saw myself for the first time in the mirror. I wasnt the same Aditi who has left in the morning from home. I was beautiful. I opened my braided hair and noticed they were beautiful. I discovered that I could have been a potential model for that shampoo commercial. I smiled at the reflection I saw in the mirror and was surprised at my ignorance. That day, my hair became my most priced possesion.

They were the best assets for me now. I received alot of praise in my college days too for my hair.
But as they say "Change is the only permanent thing!"

Slowly life became hectic, with work, stress, deadlines, I started having split ends. Hair began to fall and I had to cut my hair short regretfully. All these days I had no time to reflect about what I had lost. I have discovered myself, my inner beauty. It doesn't matter now whether I am beautiful for the world or not, I have gained all the self confidence to face the compliments and criticism with a smile. I have a beautiful world around me, where I can be myself. Ironically, my short hair/bad hair/thin hair doesn't matter to the world around me now, but I have an emotional connect to my hair. I have discovered myself through them, they have been my backbone when I was learning to stand straight and face the world. When you never forget people who have helped you in your wonderful journey called life, how can I forget my priced possession?   And today when I read about this "Beautiful end to your beautiful braid" I couldnt stop myself of reliving those priceless moments of my life.

"Like the musk deer never knows its worth, we humans always look ourselves with others perspective. I am glad I was able to discover my musk bag so beautifully!!"

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