Thursday, September 1, 2016

Avani's dose of the day!! Change maker of tomorrow

BI was driving Khushi and Avani on a busy road. We stopped at a red light and the car was adjacent to a BMTC bus. 
A gentleman was throwing orange peels out of the window on the road one by one. Avani saw this and gestured him not to do that by shaking her little fingers.
He gestured back that he will not throw it now. And gave a thumbs up to her. She shook her head in refusal and gave him back a THUMBS DOWN!
I witnessed all this as a spectator and after I realised what just happened, I was so proud of my little one. At 4 she understands its not correct to dirty our roads and is not afraid of correcting someone who is not following it. The whole credit goes to her school where they focus of the overall development of a child and not just bookish knowledge. #ChangeMakers #SwaachBharat