Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo Collage with old Cd/DVDs

This beautiful collage of pictures would make any wall of your house a family wall.
Things you would need:
10-15 old CDs/DVDs
Fevicol/ Fevibond
Satin Lace
10-15 family/individual photos

1. Arrange the CDs in whatever shape/arrangement you prefer. You dont need to work on the design too much as just putting everything together all the CDs will also make a unique design of its own
2. Stick the CDs in such a way that only the edges are stuck, there should be enough space for the photographs.
3. Till the CDs stick to each other for some time, cut the photos in circles. Let the circles be smaller than the CD so that the texture of CD can be seen.
You can make a round stencil and cut the photos or cut one photo round and use that as a marker for others.
4. Stick satin ribbon at the back and make sure it is strong enough to hold the weight of the CDs. Collage of CDs becomes heavy, so the string holding it should be strong enough to hold the weight on wall.
5. Stick the photos which are cut in round shape on each CD.

1. Dont use closeups for this collage. AFter cutting them round, it will become very on the face types
2. Dont use photos with too many people or very small faces, they will be hardly seen from a distance
3. Arrange the color combination of photos before you stick the photos
4. CDs/DVDs are also of different colors like steel blue, silver, copper so select single color CDs/DVDs so that the highlight is your photos and not the varied colors of the CDs.
5. Enjoy the activity with your kids and adore your creativity everytime you see the collage! :)


  1. wow !! creative very creative !! thanks for dropping by on my site .. i got an opportunity to visit and check your creativity !! very nice idea ...and innovative too.. Gosh .,.... I had so many waste CDs which I threw away couple of months back !find me as a regular visitor on your blog !! happy blogging :)

  2. Thanks mysay!! That was encouraging! I am new to blogosphere, infact just couple of months you can say! U seem to be a pro looking at ur site, keep giving me tips of how and what I can blog. Also what are the good sites to start with :)

  3. Hi! Wonderful blog! I love this project! I would like to feature it at Disney's (I'm working on a feature about creative uses for photos) and link back to this post, I can't find your email on your blog - could you message me if it is ok to share? Thanks! kathyATcraftychicaDOTcom

  4. It is so creative. A perfect activity for kids and adults alike :)