Sunday, March 24, 2013

Avani's dose of the day!!! (25th March 2013)

Yesterday we went to a restaurant and I took Avani (1 yr) to the restroom. As soon as I made her sit on the pot, she reached out for the toilet paper roll and started pulling it down. I was amazed to see the rhythm and confidence with which she was pulling the roll!! Then I realised she has been playing this game on my phone with the talking cat Ginger and it was that expertise that made it look so easy for her!!!

I wasn't sure if Avani actually related to the elephant she saw in coorg to the EEEE she sees in books, I thought it was by fluke! But now I m sure, its her brilliant grasping and adapting skills that she can put the theory in practise with such ease!!!

God why did u make my generation so dumb and our kids so brilliant on top of that?

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