Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (10th July 2013)

I noticed Khushi was starring at her hand again and again, and quitely noticed she is trying to pinch. When the area becomes red, she smooths the skin, then again pinches. Finally she asked...

Khushi: Mummy, whats below our skin?
Mummy: Blood, bones, muscles etc
Khushi: How can we have muscles below our skin?
Mummy: Why? Why cant we have muscles below our skin?
Khushi: If we have muscles there, how come our clothes doesnt tear here?
(she gestured at her biceps)
Mummy : (laughingly) On so you mean your biceps muscles will tear your top n come out if you have muscles there?
Khushi: Yes!! I have seen it on TV once, muscles tore the shirt of one guy.

Firstly, the knowledge we got at 12-13 yrs about muscles/food pipe/brain inside skull is already taught to them at 4. And on top of that my inquisitive darling wants to probe more deep into it!!

The things (Anatomy) you runaway the most from are the things which chase you the most!!
I think Khushi is going to send me back to school, back to biology, anatomy and what not!!
Circle of life it seems!!

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