Sunday, July 28, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (28th July 2013)

One fine day, while travelling in the car Khushi declared...
Khushi: Mummy, why dont you become a homemaker?
Mummy: HOMEMAKER?? What is your definition of a homemaker?? Do you know whats a homemaker?
Khushi: Yes, Homemaker is the one who stays at home all the time and never goes out of the house.
Mummy: Do we have any homemaker at home?
Kkhushi: Yes Avani is there, she stays at home all the time!
Mummy: if Mummy becomes a homemaker n stays at home, who will visit your school? Who will take u out for having fun? Who will shop for you? Who will go to park with you? Who will take u to extra.curricular classes? And most importantly, Who will take u to brithday parties? So do you want a homemaker who stays home or this Mummy??
Without a second thought she replied,,,
Khushi: This MUMMY!!

Today the definition of housewife or homemaker has changed soo much that we need a special category of full timing home employeed mothers now!! What say Supermoms??

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