Monday, June 17, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (18th June 2013)

We had friends home on Saturday night for dinner. Usually my staff at home watches some daily sitcoms during dinner time in our living room. That day owing to guests, she was busy cooking in the kitchen. Khushi was watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse on YouTube on Ashish's mobile in my room when our guests arrived.
Mummy                    : Khushi come, lets go out. Aunty, Uncle and your friend has come
Khushi                      : OKKKK,,I WILL watch this later!!
Mummy                    : Ok, Yes!!
Khushi ran in the living room with the mobile and kept it on the dining table, then went inside the kitchen.
Khushi (to my staff)    : Didi, "AAP CHINTA MAAT KARO"
Staff                           :"Kis baat ki chinta nahi karu mein?"
Khushi                       : "Aapka Diya-Baati aap mobile mein dekh sakte ho baadmein". I have already seen that the DIYA-BAATI serial is available on the mobile!

This incidence made me very happy because, she is so caring towards the staff and even values the little pleasures in her life. And also goes out of her way to make sure that she caters to her pleasures as much as she can do. The closest bond after me, Ashish and Avani, Khushi has is with my staff and my staff treats her exactly how she would have treated her daughter. Some relationships dont need to be named, they are just between the two souls!!


  1. it is great to read about your angel with a heart of humanity since childhood !! Loads of hugs !!

    1. mysay,, i was also surprised. I also take very good care of my staff but then this is a different level of care, which I can never think of!! :)

  2. so sweet of her :)

  3. Very thoughtful of your little one. :)

    1. Thanks Indrani, I was also surprised :)