Saturday, July 27, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!!(28th July.2013)

Khushi and I were having a Man to Man....sorryy.....Girl to girl discussion on a Sunday morning in kids room. Along with talking to me ,she was busy playing with her toys near the balcony. Then I insisted her on singing with me on our favorite family song. She started with "Phoolon kaa Taaron ka"... with a loud voice. Then suddenly her voice suppressed...
Mummy: khushi sing louder ...I cant hear you!!
Khushi: I can't!
Mummy: Why? Why cant you?
Khushi: Mummy,there is one uncle standing down who is speaking over the phone. So if I sing louder he would get disturbed by my loud voice. Hence I am singing softly!!
(For those who dont know, we stay on the first floor of our building.)

I was impressed that my 4 yr old has so much civic sense of speaking softly when somebody else is on phone. Wish the people speaking loudly on phone, smoking, spitting, littering on public places get a little inspired by this little generation of our kids.Wish the awareness lessons these kids get in their schools were taught to our generation also. We would have been a better lot then!!

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