Thursday, July 11, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! Dose # 2 (12th July 2013)

Ashish and me both watch only reality shows - Masterchef, Roadies, Jhalak, etc on television. For spending some time in the evening as a family, we let Khushi watch Masterchef and Jhalak with us.
Once we were watching Jhalak Dikhla Ja (Dance reality show with Celebrities) and they had Ranveer singh and Sonakshi Sinha as guests to promote their upcoming movie.
As usual Ranveer was doing all his monkey stunts and after every few minutes he went to stage to get the limelight. For sometime Khushi watched him silently. Then when after one dance performance, Sonakshi and Ranveer blabbered for almost 10 min, Khushi got fed up waiting for the next dance performance and complained.

Khushi : Mummy, This is a dance show right?
Mummy : What kind of question is this Khushi?
Khushi : Mummy, this is a dance show they should do only dance performances. Why are they doing all this? I want to see dances and not all this!!
Mummy : You are correct darling!! Its a dance show, they should stop this monkey acts and concentrate on dancing!! Come, lets forward the monkey acts!!

Combining bollywood with cricket, movie promotions with sitcoms, movie promotions with reality show, politicians and criminals with entertaiment (BIG BOSS) etc might be a novel effort of entertaining people. But for kids, everything in their natural form, unadultereted form is the best.
My 4 yr old also knows that you are suppose to dance in a dance show and not monkeying around!! Atleast now understand what audience want!!

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