Thursday, July 11, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (12th July 2013)

Khushi was pretty excited about going to Bombay and meet her Grandparents n little sister-Anisha. All these days, she sang "WE ARE GNG TO BOMBAY...BOMBAY!!"

Finally, we boarded the flight and the flight attendant announced,
"Welcome to ____. we will reach Mumbai in 1.5 hrs"

We didnt think Khushi was attentive towards the announcement till she exclaimed
Khushi : Mummy, this flight is going to Mumbai, we need to go to Bombay!!
Mummy : Khushi this flight is going to Bombay only, Mumbai is the new name for Bombay!
Khushi : New name? U mean pet name?
Mummy : No darling!! Earlier we used to call it Bombay, now they call it Mumbai!!
Khushi : Why have they changed the name? We never change names, right??
Mummy : Yes, we dont!! But for some cities the names have been changed, like Bangalore became Bengaluru, Madras became Chennai and as we just discussed, Bombay became Mumbai!!
Khushi : Ok!! (sadly!!) But Mumma I would never change my name!!

The philosopher in me thought, a 4 yr old understands that the name is the identity. By changing the name, nothing is going to change, but still our politicians for their political agendas change the identity of the city. Nothing is going to change, nor the spirit of the people, nor the memories, neither the economy or the fact the place will remain as multi-cultural as it was!! But still, we do not respect the identity of our cities and change them!! Politics has not left any area of our life  uncorrupted, pure and clean!! Sad but true!!


  1. I love the description of your blog.."Just a way of venting out my feelings and thoughts without the fear of being judged." you just mirrored my thoughts :) you have a nice blog...loved reading Kushi's dose of the day :)

  2. Thanks Preethi. Glad that u liked the blog. We all need to vent out our feelings n writing is the best way to do that. And the pen doesnt even judge u.