Friday, July 19, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day! !( 20th july 2013)

Khushi had BUDDY DAY in school today. Parents were supposed to drop them and one of their buddy to school.So we started from home. The last 200 mts of her school's approach road is full of crater size potholes and the rain has made it worse. So as usual I started cribbing about the pathetic road and complaining about the pain it causes everytime I come here
Mummy: Oh God, what a pain. When will they repair this road. (Sob)(sob)
Khushi started laughing and jumping with each pot hole. Both the kids started enjoying the bumpy ride and were having fun as if it was a roller coaster bumpy ride.
I was surprised to see how well both the kids changed a grim situation into a fun situation. I just keep on preaching about positive thinking to my kids, but today they have actually taught me the meaning of positive thinking without any long lectures. Perspective of life!!!

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