Thursday, April 11, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day! (12th April 2013)

Papa: Khushi you have got pimples on your forehead!
Khushi: Where?? Show me?
Mummy: Those are not pimples, those are boils Papa. In summers, you get boils due to excessive heat. Pimples comes only in teenage, not at 4!!
Khushi: Mummy, no!! They are pimples only! 
Mummy : Ufff,,ok!! If you say so!!
Khushi: Aab to mujhe FAIRNESS CREAM lagana padega!!
Mummy: What? Fairness cream? Usase pimples chale jayenge?
Khushi: Yes Mummy, fairness cream se pimples chale jate hai!!
Mummy: Who told you so?
Khushi : I saw in fairness cream advertisement that pimples vanish with a fairness cream!! Mummy do you have a fairness cream?

The definition of fairness cream has changed soo much in years that I cannot even argue with her!! And along with that age of getting and TREATING pimples have also changed!! Hope 4 is the lower limit and tomorrow Avani (1 yr) doesn't come to me and ask for a FAIRNESS CREAM!! :P..

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