Sunday, April 14, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (15tth April 2013)

Khushi was sweating in the car all thanks to the scorching sun in Bangalore this summers.
Khushi: "Mujhe paseena aaa rahi hai."
Mummy: Khushi, its "Mujhe paseena aa raha hai"!
Khushi: Why mummy?
Mummy: Khushi, we use "AA RAHA HAI" not "AA RAHI HAI" with "Paseena"
Khushi: No Mummy, when a girl says it will be " Mujhe paseeena aa rahi hai" and when a boy says it will be "Mujhe paseena aa raha hai"
Mummy: It is "Mujhe paseena aa raha hai" for both boys and girls and I will explain why?? later!!
(I wanted to explain her the grammatics in Hindi language, but I wasnt sure of my own concepts, so thought I will keep this explanation for some other day when I am sure of my theories!)


I always knew English is a very funny language, but now I doubt that for hindi as well. Forgive me for my ignorance if our Hindi pandits had a logical theory behind this one!! Please enlighten why is PASEENA a mascuiline gender and NEEND a feminine gender????

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