Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! Part 2(9th April 2013)

Khushi was super excited to get a big water gun on Holi this time. It did not take her long to understand the complex functioning of the gun. While playing with water she inquired

Khushi: Mummy how much water can be filled in this water bag?
Mummy : Around 2-3 bottles (liters)
Khushi : How much water is required to play holi with Shivji?
Mummy : What? Play holi with whom?
Khushi : Shivji, Ganesh's Papa! Bholenath!! How much water he needs to take bath or to get wet?
Mummy : (Thinking,,,where does this question come from?? But now I need to answer,,,soo) Shivji is very very big, he needs alot of water. It needs to rain to wet him.So whenever he wants to bathe, he asks the rain God to pour!!
Khushi: OK!!

Couple of days later, we were crossing the KempFort Shiv temple. On the entrance they have made a huge Shivling where continously water is dripping from a Kalash and falling on the Shivling!

Khushi: Mummy see, Shivji is taking a bath! But where is the rain?

             Entrance to the Shiv Mandir

I could have never thought of this association of holi, shivji and rain unless we crossed Shiv temple of KempFort. She is showing me, everyday a new perspective to things!! Things I think we adults never notice (Proof is that, I couldn't get a single photo of that entrance on internet). 

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