Monday, April 22, 2013

Love is _________

As a teenager I used to love to read those mushy mushy lines everyday which used to come in the "LOVE IS_____" cartoon strip. Never thought I would write it on my own one day!!

Love is when you dont need to say "Happy Valentine's day" on 14th Feb.
Love is when you call his relative before your relatives to wish on any occasion
Love is when you write Facebook updates for him, even when you know he would never check
Love is storing his "Miss you" sms for months together
Love is saying him "Have a nice day" every morning
Love is praying for him every day even when he doesnt believe in prayers
Love is pretending not to be possesive about him
Love is making him cake in the evening when you have reminded him of his blood pressure/cholestrol in the morning
Love is telling him that the world doesnt matter
Love is when he is awake at 3 am to give moral support when your baby is not well
Love is when he spoils the kids and u love it

There can be a full book of one liners I can write for you my love, but then
Love is to keep each other grounded forever and ever :)

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  1. And indeed its so nice that Love Is ...An emotion which actually expects so much and yet nothing at all and is the only emotion which remains pure ...
    very nicely written ..