Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (24th April 2013)

Khushi wanted to learn how to draw a Mickey Mouse, so I kept the Mickey mouse toy(to boost her imagination) infront of her as a subject and explained her that she can draw a semicircle then a heart shape and then two circles for ears. She was able to draw a fairly good Mickey Mouse from a 4 yr old standards.
Since she was able to follow my instructions and make a Mickey mouse she got a boost and she insisted on drawing a Chota Bheem now. 

Khushi: Mummy I want to draw a Chota Bheem now
Mummy: Khushi Mickey mouse is simple, you can draw a Mickey mouse but Chota Bheem would be very tough.
Khushi: Why?? Lets try to draw na Mummy, it would not be tough
Mummy:Forget yourself, it would be tough for me too
Khushi: why?
Mummy: Because drawing hands, legs and a human being is tougher than drawing a cartoon
Khushi thought for a while, interpreted the problem infront of her. DRAWING HANDS and LEGS is difficult? Then took a pencil and started drawing an outline of her palm. After finishing the hand, she showed that to me and said..
Khushi: See Mummy, drawing a hand is so easy! Even drawing a leg would be very easy! Now tell me why cant you draw a Chota Bheem? What is tough in it?

Listening to a problem, interpreting it, breaking the complexity, analyzing the solutions and then providing solution to those smaller problems sounds familiar right? Wooowwww,, Do I have an engineer in making?? 

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