Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (9th April 2013)

It was Khushi's 4th birthday on Saturday. My parents had come down for her birthday and they gifted studs (earrings) to her on her birthday. She liked it but didnt seem to excited about it. So next day they wanted me to buy something that she would look excited about. So knowing her inclination towards cosmetics and dressing up, I decided to buy a Dressing kit on behalf of them. The dressing kit had mock hair dryer, rollers, nail paint, lip stick, blusher, clips, clutch-er etc.

As expected, as soon as she opened that gift all the other birthday gifts have faded from her mind and sight. Just to guage the impact of fashion on the little mind I asked her to name each of the elements and she without any second thought named each one of them along with their use. Only one element was a new discovery for her and the conversation was followed as below

Mummy : So what is this?
Khushi : I dont know this one! What is it?
Mummy : These are rollers!
Khushi : Rollers? What are they used for?
Mummy : The other day you saw a girl with curly hair right? These rollers can give temporary curls to the hair.
Khushi : Show me how to put them?
Mummy : Come I will put the rolls on your hair
Khushi : No curly hair will not suit me, it will suit you. You put it on your hair and show me!

So now I have a stylist at home who is all set to tell me what hair style will suit me and what not!! :)

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