Monday, April 1, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (1st April 2013)

We played holi in our apartement on this saturday and after 4 hrs of non-stop masti, color and dancing, I am dead tired. All my efforts to remove the color from my face went in vain and I resembled the daemons from Khushi's Chota Bheem cartoon. Khushi gave me some disgusting expressions and asked

Khushi: Mummy, you are not looking good!! You are pink and green all over your face

Mummy : Khushi its ok, I played holi so the colors havent gone yet. They will take couple of days to go.

Khushi : Why did you play holi at the first place? You are so tired, you are looking horrifying! I didnt like it at all!! 

Mummy : Beta because I like to play holi. Everybody should do what they like, I like dancing, I like playing with colors, so I played holi. See its simple, you enjoy going to Forum, going for rides, having chocolates, so I make sure you have your bit of fun on weekends. Papa likes watching cricket, going to restaurants etc so he does that. Similarly, Mummy also has her list of likes and dislikes and you may not like something Mummy likes, but that does not mean Mummy will stop doing that!

Khushi spread the Johnsons baby powder all over my room and put alot of powder in the Winnie the Pooh  cart and was playing with it. I entered the room and screamed at her for creating such a mess!!

Khushi innocently and annoyingly replied!!

Khushi: Mummy I like it!! I had created snow in the room with the powder. You only told me that we should do whatever we like!


  1. Yesterday Gaurav was doing WFM and vartika was in full masti mood. In afternoon I ask come and sleep with me she came and after 2 min she left and started chit chatting with her papa.

    Papa: vartika kya kar rahe ho.
    Vartika: Papa mein enjoy kar rahi hu.
    Papa: go and sleep.
    Vartika: mummy mujhe pareshan kar rahi hai...

  2. hehe,, Shweta,, hum log to hamare baacho ko torture hi karte rehete hai :D