Monday, April 15, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!!! (13th April 2013)

Khushi saw some traffic police on road and asked

Khushi: Mummy why are police required?
Mummy: For managing traffic !
Khushi:  Why do they need to manage traffic?
Mummy: Because people don't follow rules and somebody is required to monitor them
Khushi: Why people don't follow rules?
Mummy:  Well, like You know what is correct and what is not but still do badmashi  n break the rules,  n then Mummy has to manage u. Same ways whenever anybody breaks traffic rules they manage them!
(I expected Khushi to associate me with the police and tell that I am also like a police, but instead I got a harder question to answer)
Khushi: Oh, Ok, for traffic we have white police (RTO), but then why do we have brown police? What are the rules they look after? What if they break rules?


Do we have any definition for right and wrong? Right from taking bribes for passport verification to maid verification our police department has excelled in everything. The only free service they offer these days is moral policing girls wearing short clothes or young girls and boys sitting in the public garden. What kind of faith I should embedd in young minds of my girl, when I myself have no faith in them?


  1. cops ?? they on hell of nuisance themselves ... yes what if they break rules and indeed they take u for a ride .. when u go to complain about your mobile being snatched .. they ask if it was costly and then they ask you to get a missing report done matter how much you want the snatcher to be punished .. they are a pain be it small thing or big !!They can ask u to bribe them for talking, if let free!!

  2. u Bet!! Cant give an ideal picture to the little one. They will question us when they grow up!!