Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (8th May 2013)

I was scolding Khushi for something(don't even remember now).
Khushi: I am 4 yrs now.
Mummy: Don't deviate the topic!!
Khushi: I am a BIG girl now.
Mummy: What do you mean?
Khushi: You should not scold me now. I am a big girl now! You should never scold a BIG girl!

I couldn't control my laughter and forgot all the irritation I had for her :)
Right from my perfume, my lipstick, my shoes to my outfits, she wants to use them all as she thinks if Mummy can use them, why not me? And when I tell her, she is small, she refuses to agree to that!! 4 yrs girl  is a BIG GIRL!!
I have read this preaching in books and articles that you should not scold big children but I thought the definition of BIG was TEENAGERs, I think I need to confirm my definition once :)


  1. hahahha. Dipti nice post !! Kids are growing smarter these days .. this was so sweet and alarming too .. change the age bracket of the word BIG world :)

  2. Thanks mysay. Yes, kids are growing smarter!! I am already alarmed and moreover worried how I will match their wits in the long run? :)

  3. LOL... Hope my son doesn't come to me when hes 5 and says, chal chota give me the cigarette...
    Ajeeth boaz