Friday, May 3, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (3rd May 2013)

Khushi is taking some anti-allergic tablets once a day. The tablets are chewable and it is supposed to be yummy for kids. From last couple of weeks Khushi has been chewing the tablets regularly without needing any water. Suddenly she asked for water after having tablets yesterday, so I was curious to know why??

Khushi: Give me some water, we should drink some water after taking tablet!
Mummy: Why? These are chewable tablets, why u need water? You take this everyday without water, now all of a sudden who told you that you need water after having tablets?
Khushi: Roli told me that you should drink water after having tablet!
Mummy: Whoz Roli?
Khushi: Roli!! Roli!!
I knew she doesnt have anybody named Roli around her, so I got alarmed. Ohhh, she was talking about Roli in Sasural Simar ka(some stupid daily soap where everything is very dramatic). I dont watch any of the saas bahu serials, but my daughter sub consciously has picked up few things from the snapshots she sees when my staff watches these golden Ekta kapoor types serials!! Kuch aur seekhe na seekhe, nakhara she will learn for sure!! Thankfully she hasnt learn their flashy dressing sense which I HATE!!!! EKTA KAPOOR "KABHI TO SUDHAR BHI JAOO..."

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