Monday, May 13, 2013

Incredible Bharat!! (10th May 2013)

We have an excellent gym facility in our new office. So I and my friend went to inquire about it this evening.
After the initial information shared by the instructor cum manager of the gym he suddenly started looking at me. Then he paused and started telling me that I have to wear gym wear while coming to gym. I nodded in agreement but he didn't look satisfied and he told me gym wear is tracks and tops or t-shirts. Then he told me I should come from 4 to 5 as that is ladies time and no guys are allowed that time!
Actually it was one of those rare days wore a salwar suit or ethnic dress in office! He assumed that I am a salwar suit wearing bharatiya nari who might mind wearing gym wear and coming on a common timing with guys!

We Indians judge people so much on the basis of outfits and gender that unknowingly we encourage discrimination. Who says a salwar kameez wearing girl can not wear a track pant and not come during common working out hours with guys? How do you conclude that the clothes decide what a person thinks and how he is? Now its high time we respect our ethnic wear and not judge a saree wearing or a salwar wearing women to be backward and home bound. You define your clothes, your clothes should not define you.


  1. So true !!Its time people stop judging others on the basis of what they wear !! That can only happen when ... Jeans Saree and Salwar everything is given equal importance by woman of the nation !! Men are bound to change their approach!

  2. Yes mysay, people and their perspectives are weird. If one wears a short skirt they categorize them as BAD/FAST and if one wears ethnic they categorize them as backward/narrowminded! Its high time, one is categorized by their talent and not outfit!!