Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!!(12th May 2013)

Khushi(4 yrs) is a very loving n giving Didi to Avani (1 yr). It's mostly the rowdy Avani who bullies Khushi n pulls her hair, bite her n pinches her all day! Khushi is instructed that unless Avani turns 2, nobody should scold her or apply any force on her. And taking undue advantage of this Avani starts howling even if khushi tries to play with her toys without interfering in her matters!

One day Avani was really behind Khushi and Khushi got mad on her.
Khushi: Avani no doing that. Don't trouble me
Avani continued to bully so she complained to me
Khushi: mummy pls tell Avani something. She is testing my patience now!

These are the lines I use, when I get really mad on Khushi!! She doesnt even know the meaning of "Testing patience" but then she knows when and how to use it. Incredible association again!! :)

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