Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day!! (21st May 2013)

Our domestic maid did not turn up today and the full time staff I have had to do all the household work at home. Khushi saw her doing all the work and said
Khushi: Today Sujata didi did not come, so Kanak didi had to do all the work
Mummy: Yeh, why dont you help her in the household work when Sujata didi doesnt come?
Khushi: Ok, I will do that. But what work should I do?
Mummy: Any work which Sujata didi does and you can do with your little hands!
Khushi: I know brooming, I can do that but I dont know mopping!
Mummy: No problem, if you dont know that, you can learn it!
Khushi: Oh Ok!! I will need to go to mopping classes now!!

I love the spirit of our kids these days. If they want to learn swimming, they say I will join swimming classes, tennis then tennis classes, painting then painting classes, theater then theater classes, newest is cooking and mopping classes. For them every skill can be learnt and in their times they have the everything at a click of a button. We researched for one small project for months together and these days kids just google and oogle everything in couple of hours. Most of the skills were either inborn or inherited at our times, classes meant only coaching classes for SSC and HSC at our times. Kids have soo much exposure to things and they already know if you are not born with it, you can learn it!! WOW,, WHAT NEXT? 


  1. Dipti .. so true .. times have changed and for good ... kids are smarter and so is the technology of the date .. huge change in 2 decades ...

  2. mysay, I feel that at one side our kids have access to alot of data which can enhance their knowledge, but then everything is easy doesnt work in real life!! Challenges and jugaar should be learnt always if you wanna survive in India!! :)