Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Khushi's dose of the day! (13th May 2013)

Khushi is very fond of malai kofta and masala kulcha from a restaurant nearby. We generally get it home delivered once or twice a month.
This Friday while eating her favourite dishes at home she quietly put a little water from her glass of water in the white kofta gravy. Initially I thought it was by mistake she dropped it but then realised she was mixing it with her kulcha to mix it evenly. So out of curiosity I asked
Mummy: Khushi what are u doing?
Khushi: Actually the consistency of the kofta gravy was very thick, so I am making it correct!
Mummy: My little Masterchef the kofta gravy is always thick so it is correct only
Khushi: Mummy it's fine for Kulcha but it will be very thick when I mix it with rice, so it should be PATLA for rice u see...

I rest my case My Lord, I have done the heinous crime of doubting the prompt n logical mind of my 4 yr old! And afterall how many 4 yr olds follow Masterchef more than their cartoons? I am sure if Sanjeev Kapoor reads this he would personally want to train my little Masterchef!

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