Monday, February 18, 2013

Umar baachpan ki, baatein paachpan ki!!

27th Dec 2012
Khushi's dose of the day!!!

I was teaching her to draw stick girl n boy.Suddenly she draws a stick boy n says
Khushi : This is Papa boy
Mummy : How? 
Khushi : See na!! It's a Papa boy!!
Mummy : what's the difference between a boy n Papa boy?
Khushi : Papa boy has whiskers !!!
12th Dec 2012
Khushi's dose of the day!!
Khushi playing in the park with some coins. A South Indian friend of me comes near her.
Aunty: What are you playing with?
Khushi: Rupaya
Aunty: what?
Khushi: Rupaya...Paisa
Aunty: what?
Khushi: Money... Money
This is the story when she was 2.5 yrs and we did not know her vocabulary had 3 synonyms for one word, though in different languages!!Which Barron's will b used for their GRE? Food for thought!!

10th Dec 2012
Khushi's dose of the day!!
Me and Ashish drinking tea in the morning. Khushi having her cup of milk. Avani trying to get hold of my cup of tea
Mummy: No Avani, you cannot have tea.Not good for you, you will become dark :)
Khushi: Mumma, you want to become dark?
Reminded me of the latest No smoking commercial in which kids request for a lighter to the people smoking around to light a cigarette. We know its not good for health, still as adults we have all the right to indulge in it coz nobody on earth can dare preach us what to do and what not to do!! :)..

3rd Dec 2012
Khushi's dose of the day!!!!
We took Khushi to see the Christmas decorations in Leela Palace yesterday. On our way to Leela Palace, Khushi started a conversation as below
Khushi : Santa has already come.
Mummy : No not yet, he will come on Christmas day to gift all the kids
Papa : Khushi ke Santa toh Papa hai, hai na Khushi
Khushi : Nahi aap nahi ho
Papa : Kyun beta, mein hoon na tera Santa, mein to tujhe kitne gifts deta hoon, to mein hoon na tera Santa!!
Khushi : Nahi papa, aap to papa ho, Santa to DADAJI hote hai :P

23rd Nov 2012
Khushi's dose of the day!!!

Ashish left for Mumbai for three days.
Next morning Khushi sees a t-shirt in kids room where I packed Ashish's bag.
Khushi: Mumma, Papa forgot his t-shirt here only
Mummy: Oh yes, now what should we do?
Khushi: Call him and send it through phone
Mummy: How can you send a t-shirt through mobile?
Khushi, realizes that something is wrong in her suggestion, so covers up like a smart ass
Khushi: Mumma, we can take some gadget from Doraemon and send it through mobile na, he must surely be having some gadget in his pocket!!

25th July 2012
"Khushi's dose of the day!!

Yesterday I made an Asian salad with all leafy vegetables and red/yellow capsicum, zucchini, corn etc. Khushi relished it and at the end, she asks me, "Mommy why have you put basil in the salad?"

At her age, I couldn't make out any of the vegetables forget herbs and oils. I think now along with brains, they also have enhanced taste buds!! What is next? :)"

16th July  2012
"Khushi's dose for the day!!

Avani gets up at 5.30 in the morning yesterday and starts howling.Khushi wakes up and comes on our bed, near Avani and whispers in her ears."Avani,, baby,, dont cry.You know today is Sunday, its a fun day!!
You should not cry on a Sunday! Smile baby,,smile!!"
My lil three year old has become a responsible didi and I am soo proud of her!! :) Avani as you might have guessed is a big fan of her didi,she needs her around all the time! Touchwood,, I hope this continues
forever and ever!!"

7th June 2012
"Khushi's dose for the day!!

"Khushi made her first roti (chapati) today applying her play dough skills and guess what ,,it was fluffy and almost round!! :) proud of my little master chef!! Avani almost getting ready for consuming her didi's scrumptious dishes!!"

5th June 2012
"Khushi's dose for the day!!

It is for all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans:
Background(I installed a musical activity mobile on Avani's crib and after successfully testing the music once when I tried doing it the second time, the music didnt play,,,,)

Dipti (to Ashish): Ohh no... music is not working, I need to repair it in the morning!!
Khushi: Oooooo Dooodles!!!!

(Doodles is the character in Mickey mouse clubhouse which helps mickey mouse and frds to repair/fix everything with the help of musketeers)"

10th  Nov 2011
"Khushi's dose for the day!!

"Khushi's latest facts of life:
1. "I am keeping my school name as Jeannie!!"
2. Song from Bodyguard " Tiau Tiau Tiau,,," is sung by Big BOSS (reality show)
3. When Mom dad were in US (2005), Khushi was here in India looking after the house."

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