Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Incredible BHARAT!! Part 2

27th Feb 2013
Incredible Bharat!!

We were driving down to Munnar from Bangalore by road. On one busy signal in Tamil Nadu we saw this hilarious sight.

We heard a loud voice from a speaker, "Yes, this side! white maruti van you can go now!! PO!PODA!!". And to our amazement it came from a traffic police standing in the middle of the road with a black cordless microphone. That poor guy was shouting on top of his voice and managing a huge traffic with this mic in his hand. It sounded like a vegetable vendor selling veggies on the road!

We Indians find such innovative ways of using technology that no one else in any other country can imagine. Some examples are using a proxy messenger to connect to office messenger from home, hair dryer for drying seepage areas, Old Cds/DVDs as decorative pieces, old refrigerator as cupboards! List can go on....

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