Monday, February 18, 2013

Who says 1 year old cant express?

21st Feb 2013
Avani's dose of the day!!

I bought some fruits and vegetables charts to teach my 1 year old Avani.Avani is by nature a hyperactive child who cannot sit at one place for more than 1 minute, so reading books to her is just an impossible task for me. I thought if I start with simple fruits which she loves would be a good start.So here we go...

Mummy : Avani, this is papaya
Avani : ppppppppppppppppp....
Mummy : Papayaaa
Avani : Paapaaa
Mummy : No papayaa
Avani : Papaaaaaa
Mummy : Ok another one, Apple
Avani : Aaaa
Mummy : Yeh, AAple
Avani : Aammaaa
Mummy : aaPPLLEEE not aaMAAA
Mummy : Ok, try this one,, Banaana
Avani :
Mummy : Bananaa
Avani : Na na na na na na

We have a full family of fruits at home :)

16th feb 2013
Avani's dose of the day!!

Avani is 1 yr old and a complete drama queen to start with! Whenever she got hurt on her head( which is usually prone to bang here n there for a toddler) I used to massage her head with my palm. 

She has associated that gesture to convey that she has got hurt. So now if shez hurt on her right side of head, she still rubs her left. If shez hurt in her elbows she picks up the same elbow and rubs her head. The cutest thing she did yesterday was she got hurt on her knees n she rubbed her head. 

I have heard of the brain being in the knees but here it's vice versa!!

7th Feb 2013
Avani's dose of the day!!

Yesterday, I was a little late to office, so I hurried to get out of the house . Avani sensed the same and started holding my hand and dragging me somewhere. I held her hands and went with her. After reaching the pooja room, she pulled me down and asked me to sit infront of the temple. And then as usual she sat on my laps and started clapping.

Literally proving the statment "Children are the messengers of GOD". In my haste I forgot to do daily pooja, so she reminded me in her own unique way!

Actually, Avani and I do a small pooja everyday and after the pooja she gets mishri(sugar cubes) in the form of prasad. So how can she afford to forget her daily dose of goodies?"

22nd Jan 2013
Avani's dose of the day!!

I gave Avani three table tennis size balls to play. 
She grabbed one ball in one hand and second ball in another hand.
She looked at the third ball for couple of seconds then with the decisive look kept the ball in right hand on the ground,
picked the third ball and put it in her mouth. Then again held the last ball in her right hand. 
So with the two balls in one hand each and the third in her mouth she walked gloriously in another room. Mission accomplished!!

"Avani's dose of the day!!

There were two pairs of socks lying on the bed. Avani picked one pink n one red socks. Then started walking. Suddenly she realized something,stopped got back kept the pink sock, picked the red one. Then she gave me both the socks n signalled me to make her wear that. Did she actually understood that two reds make a pair??"

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