Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Avani's first walk :)

Avani had just turned 11 months and is always a very cheerfuly kid. Being a working mother, I had compromised innumerable wonderful first moments of this little angel. Her first giggle, first time when she sat, first time when she stood, I have always seen the repeat telecast of her firsts.

So one fine day when I returned from office after a long tiring day, I held both my daughters, one 3 yrs and another 11 months in my laps and was playing with them. Suddenly I saw, Avani is standing more confidently and she was trying to take a step forward without any support. I wasnt sure if a 11 month old kid can actually walk, but since she was always early than her age. I encouraged her to walk a few steps.

She fell down each time she tried and the more she fell down, the more she was determined to try. She did not give up and at her 6th attempt she finally succeeded. She was elated as were we. She giggled and stood again, she walked again. Initially she fell after 2 steps, then 3 and then she was successfully taking 4 steps without falling.

I was a proud mother that time. It was like falling in love all over again .I wanted to share my joy with the whole world. I called up my husband, who was busy in an office meeting, but I wasnt going to listen to any excuses. I just fumbled with words as the mother in me wanted to dance, wanted to cry with joy!! Then I called my mother, my sister in law, my close friends and everybody who mattered!

A mother is always happy on her kids achievement much more than her own achievements, thats the most wonderful thing about motherhood :). 

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