Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Bloggers Block!!

Its been nearly two months I have been drowned in work work and more work. It was crazy,working late nights even on weekends without thinking of the little kiddos at home and missing the most awaited festivals too.
My daughters second birthday (Christmas Day), New year eve, Sankranti, Lohri everything came and went off without the usual charm because I was drowned with office work. But at the end of it, its all worth it. At the end of the day, you need that job satisfaction to keep going with the monotonus IT job.
Everything has returned back on place, I am spending enough time with kids to compensate those two months. I am back to my hobbies like cooking, exercising, spending time with friends and a little bit of craft here and there. Even the social life and weekends have started to fall into place. I have started enjoying the songs on radio every morning while driving to work and doing my share of household chores with the same flair.
But there is something which is amiss. Something I have loved doing all year around last year. I used to look forward to get those free minutes at work when I can pen down my thoughts. And I used to enjoy wrting for the contests on the blogosphere. And also read thoughts of other like minded people around. I was on a different high with the accolades and awards I received in just one year. And I had full plans to continue doing it forever and ever.

And guess what? I am struck by a dangerous disease... very fatal for the BLOGGER in me. I am struck by the BLOGGERS BLOCK :(. The online contests on Indiblogger and Blogadda nomore interests me. My thoughts are cluttered. I am thinking of too many things at a time and cannot conclude on what I want to write upon! I have temporarily lost the ability to pen down the trivial things I observe around me everyday.
Somebody told me that this is a condition faced by many of the bloggers due to long gaps, personal preoccupations, work stress and sometimes JLT (Just Like That). And it has a awful name "BLOGGER's BLOCK"!! 
Help my blogger friends!! How do I overcome this? Anybody with their own stories regarding this awful condition ?? 


  1. Oh that happens to all...There's this nagging feeling that you should write but just can't...I think you should try and write for some of the prompts in Write Tribe or ABC Wednesdays...it will help you write even if few words or sentences...

    And a suggestion , if you turn off the captcha it will be easy for your readers to comment :)

    1. Thanks Naba,,I will try your suggestions. Hopefully they help!

  2. I swear..... I'm in the middle of UBC, I'm stuck with this Block! :(