Friday, January 17, 2014

Flight of Fantasy

Oh so beautiful I am!
Oh so beautiful I am!
Flaunting the Yellow red blue green wings, singing the happy songs
God has made me lucky and blessed me with the charm
Sitting in the diamond studded gold cage with the choicest delicacies in my plate
Admiring onlookers and envious peers are in my golden destiny
Oh So beautiful I am!!
Behind the radiant wings lies the soul of an ordinary bird
Who is choked behind the golden bar,Who wants to fly, to be free
To explore and live the dream of his steep flight
He wants to fall, he wants to strive, with every passing day he wants to learn
The bars are golden and the perks indispensible
The love of my master and the cozy comfort of his house cannot be compared
But my heart is childish and he still craves for the flight of fantasy
Flight where I am the master and the Creator of my own destiny!!
Oh so beautiful I am!!
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  1. such a beautiful poem :)

  2. One of the few entries which is not about a dog - there are other animals too and your poem has a nice balad esq tone to it. Nice read.

    1. Thanks Gyanban. I know I was suppose to write about an animal, but when I sat for writing as anything else, I subconsciously started writing this :)

  3. A bird in a cage is not free nor is happy. Its flight into the open skies make it a bird. a very nice poem.

    1. Thanks Kalpana, whether its bird or we human beings, we all want to be free like a bird :)..