Friday, January 10, 2014

Avani's dose of the day!! Education and Learning

I was playing at home in the evening with my two daughters,Avani(2 yrs), Khushi(4.5 yrs) after work. Khushi brought three plastic balls and started playing with it. Avani joined her and in her usual inquisitive manner started observing the balls keenly. One of the balls among them was the gems ball which contained gems inside. And Avani started trying to open the ball. I wanted to discourage her of eating GEMS at that time, so I told her that it doesnt open. Infact I mockingly tried to open the ball and showed it doesnt open. So I thought she will give up but this is what happened...
Mummy: Baby, it doesnt open. Its a ball, not a box
Avani: Open,,,Open,....pleassseee mamma
Mummy: It doesnt open, I tried opening it,,but it didnt!

Then I was watching her keenly. She was not satisfied with my answer and kept trying to open it. And finally after 10 minutes of efforts she was able to open it.

I thought to myself, if I was at her place and somebody told me that it cannot be done, I would have given up. I would have thought its beyond my capacities to open it. This is how education/learning works on us. When we are small, our horizons are unlimited. A child does not go with others verdict, and find his own horizons. Its funny how we adults fail to experiment and try for things which are declared impossible/difficult. We with our confined knowledge always put boundaries to our learning, to our vision and capabilities whereas we all are born with unlimited capabilities. Some who question the beliefs and knowledge become inventors and 95 % of us who know everything are mere bookworms who have never gone beyond the realm of books and inherited knowledge.
Wish our education and learning process was better. Wish we could bring out the unknown rather than just mugging and vomiting the knowledge which is already discovered.

I know of many like minded females who try to make their kids more inquisitive and discovering,but once they get into the zone of school and exams, everything fades away. We have a brilliant mugger and not so brilliant mugger. Where does our inventors and observers go? Somebody please help our education system in India!!

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