Thursday, January 30, 2014

Avani's 2nd dose of the day! !(30 Jan 2014 )

At home, while we try to talk purely in Hindi, we also try to use less of slang and more respectful language to make sure kids learn the same. So generally we address the kids as "AAP" and avoid "TUM" or "TU" slang for all.
Today I had asked my driver to bring some stuff from the market and after taking the stuff from him I informed

Mummy: Tu chala ja, aaj aur koi kaam nahi hai
Avani:(instantly) Mummy TU nahi bolte. TU bolna gaandi baat hoti hai!!

I didnt know how to react infront of the driver. He is a 20-21 years age boy whom if I call AAP, he will die out of laughter!
Though the intention of teaching respectful language to the kids is to make sure they learn to speak respectfully to elders but here at this age to teach them to discriminate as per the age is very difficult. If I tell Avani you can call TUM to somebody younger to you, the first person she will start using it for would be me! As mentally she doesnt treat me more than her age. :p


  1. She is looks like a bundle of joy. Give her a kiss from my side :)

    1. Yes she is indeed. Life is blessed ever since she came into our life. Will definitely do tht!!

  2. My love and care to this barbie doll !!